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Please find below a JV Proposal Letter template that you can use to make money by getting your first JV partner within 7 days:

Dear {Prospect},

I have a great proposition for you. I am currently promoting {Product Or Service} and I would like to propose a partnership that will make us both a steady stream of income. {Product or Service} is very hot right now and with the excellent {Commission % 55%-75% Recommended) commission I am prepared to offer you there is a lot of potential for the both of us.

I have sales materials ready for you as well as links to track your commissions.

If you are interested, fire me an e-mail and I will send you a free {Copy Or Trial} of {Product Or Service} so you can examine the quality yourself.

I look forward to hearing from you soon and please take a minute to review the sales letter to familiarize yourself with {Product Or Service}.

{URL To Product Or Service}

To Your Success,

{Your Name}
{Your email Address}
{URL To Product}

How To Get Your First JV Partner In 7 Days

Day 1

Open a blank text document and go to your favourite search engine and type in keywords relating to the product or service you are promoting. Quickly visit sites that relate to your product or service and take down names and e-mail addresses of sites that look like profitable JV partners until you have 15. That's it for today!

Day 2

Open your document and do the same thing today as yesterday except use a different search engine and different keywords to find 15 more potential JV partners. That's it for today!

Day 3

Write up an excellent Joint Venture proposal to send out by e-mail. Use the template above that is very effective. Just add in the parts that ask for your information and you're set! Get your JV Proposal edited with all of your information and save it into a text document. That's it for today!

Day 4

Today is pretty easy. Analyze your costs and offer the highest percentage you can to your potential JV prospects. I recommend 55%-70%, this sounds like a lot but these JV partners will be doing all the work so this is money you never would have seen and with no additional work for you!

Also offer a free copy of your product upon request. Don't send it out with the initial proposal, make them raise their hand and say “Yes! I'm Interested!”. Take the next few minutes to go over your letter and make it as appealing as possible to the potential JV partner. That's it for today!

Day 5

Open your e-mail program and paste the JV proposal you now have perfected into the body. Insert a headline such as “Paul - A Joint Venture Opportunity For Your Consideration” into the subject line. Always personalize the subject line and opening line such as “Dear Paul”.

This shows you didn't just load everyone into a mass mailer and blast an ad out. Now open your Joint Venture prospect database and plug in the name and e-mail address of your fist prospect into the e-mail. Repeat the above procedure until you've sent to your database of 30 prospects. That's it for today!

Day 6

Today you should start receiving requests for the free copy of the product you offered in your initial proposal. Send it to your prospect right away and thank them for their consideration of your offer. You may also get requests for links to promote your product today depending on the eagerness of your prospects to get started.

Day 7

Today just keep sending the product and affiliate links out as requested and you'll have yourself a powerful sales-force promoting your product while you sit back and watch the orders come in!

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